End of Summer

As i was sitting at home i got the notice LeeZu has a new Jacket! I jumped up and took the next free TP to go there…As i saw the new Margo Jacket i can’t resisist to buy the whole fatpack*giggles* A stunning sexy Jacked that allows much great views and you nevertheless you look dressed 🙂 I went trough all the colors, as i got the Information TRUTH has new hair…i had to go there and really i found one of the new releases, that perfectly fit me. For the nice summer ending day i got on my new Steinwerk glasses on. I looked down on my self and thought about some very cool jeans to match up that great styling to teh end…suddenly i rememberd the Ibizaare pants i got some days before. A very nice jeans and different to all the others i have. Blue Jeans, with great blue applicants and white boardered wild wholes..very nice and always fitting…i took my Glam Booties out of my carped and stepped in front of the mirror…perfect look for a perfect summer afternoon…or a nother great shopping tour?*winksEnd of Summer 001


Hair: Truth – Farrah sangria

Glasses: Steinwerk Fee

Jacket: LeeZu – Margo Jacket beige

Jeans: Ibizarre Shabby

Shoes Stiletto Moody – Glam Bootie white


Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

~ by Wicca Merlin on September 9, 2009.

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