Eyes on 3636 Hair!!! This will be my biggest post to show you all the awsome styles – I can’t decide!!! Part 1 ;-)

Today I got the great honor to show you an upcoming awsome designers work. dianny3636 Aeon the new star on the SL’s hair sky!!!  She does some non usual very stylish fashion hair…the best for runway or every fashionista that dares to be different!

I will start with the Afrodita style:

This one i got i 3 colors. Brown, black and blonde. A not long not short right in the middle and perfect for poses…it fits perfect on the skull very tight..then a sweet braid piece of hair surrounds your head. Further down it looks like it was set free and sweet curls wave beside your face. I never saw such a style before.

The next one is called Ainhara. for this one i have so many color options that i had to split it in 2 pics to shou you all of them 😉

Here we see all the great different colors of this hairstyle: auburn, black, blond, brown, caramel, golden blond, platinum and red. One color for each possibility and belive me one will fit to all you need 😉 This hair is perfect if you wanna show your earrings for example…it has no covered ears but is still a long hairstyle. The hair lays tight on the skull and goes down in the back very straight. It definitly features your face in a very nice way without showing your fore head too much!

My next one is named Ava and it has agin 2 pics not to miss any great detail for the colors…

This one is one of my personal favourites. A short and strict hair that let you many possibilities to combine it with something else like earrings, piercings, big make up or hair jewelry. The forehead is not too high, the ears not covered and also the neck is free to show some great jewelry! It is perfect for posing on pictures or on the runway and it also comes in all the nice colors as Ainhara. So you will have no problem what ever you wear one of them will match 🙂

Up next we have Coco:

Coco comes in the same 8 different hair colors and has nearly the same features as we had before for Ava. a short hair that gives you many posibilities…the forehead is a little higher and a big wave in the front makes me thinking of some rockabilly styled outfit for that…it is not as strict as the Ava style but also it lets you much space for mixing and matching accessoires!

Now we come to some very special…I fell in love as I unpacked it and tried it on…Marie Antoinette

Look at this…did you ever seen some like this?!? We all had a show with medival big gowns and went crazy by finding matching hair…this has an end now!!! 3636 Hair made the rescue… A very high and elegant hairstyle that makes the difficult posing of that big gowns not more hard then it is. To show the little idea of what iam talking of I have a nice example on my flickr…(you can click for a direct link to the picture…so I have not to include it here seperatly*winks*)

The last hairstyle for part 1 of this big blog…yes part 2 will follow 😉 I promise…is the Savira Style:

With this hair you can be a devil in disguise 😉 This hair gives you totally the look of a good girl…A short hair with sweet “roll” in the back. Like the other 2 hairstyles we had the ears and the neck are free. The fore head looks very small cause the hair in front comes very low in to the face. Get out your flowered textured dress and some pumps and you definatly will soften every males heart if you stand beside your car on a lonely road and your care break down*giggles*

Here I will stop for the first part of my personal soptlight on dianny3636 Aeon’s “3636 Hair Spotlight”

I hope i woken up your attention for that great designer and her hairstyles and you visit her Mainstore 3636.

…to be continued…

Details: Hair: 3636 by dianny3636 Aeon

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

~ by Wicca Merlin on November 17, 2009.

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