Ornament vs Flowers? – Better to have both!

Today I got 2 great outfits from Bublee Bing…I always liked her designs so it is a great pleasure to blog 2 of her newest outfits.
Let me start with the flower one:

The outfit made me feel  a little back in the late summer. A sweet brown dress that allows the sun to kiss your skin.  A long brown faded brown skirt caresses long sexy legs. A perfect dress for lazy walkings or a nice BBQ with freinds on a late summer afternoon.
Lets take a closer look on the sweet details:

At the short bra top you have a  very sweet little ribbon in the middle front. Be careful if you attach it  I nearly found it cause it was a bit in my body, but you can see the middle knot and pullit out at that*giggles*
The long skirt is hold on the hips by  a very nice detailed belt…if you take a look at the buckle…you can see the details are made with love to the little things!

The same great details you can found in my second dress of  Bublee Bing this time with “Ornaments”

This dress is a short one and is perfect for a window shopping tour 😉 Also this one has the great litte ribbin and the highdetailed belt. With the short skirt and the black white ornamneted texture this one is an eycathcer if you take a short break in a cafe before you make your shopping tour further to the shop of  Bublee Bing 😉

Bublee Bing – Flowerded Brown Dress with half top
Bublee Bing – Ornamented black white dress with half top

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

~ by Wicca Merlin on November 19, 2009.

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