Eyes on 3636 Hair – Part 2 ;-) Reviews, goodies and a New Release!!!

To continue my spotlight on 3636 Hair as i promised i would like to start with Tokyoska

This hairstyle has some very nice detailes to stay apart from all the other “updos” and classy hairstyles. It is a high style that let you look way bigger as you are and i would prefer to wear that to very big gowns. I recieved the colors black, brown, grey and white. That are for me the best colors to match it with nearly everything. Only one sweet curl covers the ear so that you have much space for a great pair of earrings. The fore head is nice covered not to show a too high fore head what is a great option for the theme if you wear some like medival gowns.
Up next we have one of my personal favourites – the Vega style:

This is one of the styles tht i totally love and i never saw such before. Great big round prims are on the hair who look like different sized buns. The bangs are not plain they have sweet parts with little space beween each other and give the bangs a totally real look. For this hair you have all the 8 great colors who are auburn, black, blond, brown, caramel, golden blong, platinum and red. The ears are not covered also but for this i would prefer little earrings not to get the view off that great hairstyle.

Another long but ponytail hairstyle is the Whulas:

This hair totally surpirsed me. Normally i don’t wear long ponytails often casue they always stick in the back of the body if you try to pose or simply run your AO. But not with Whulas! The style itself is very small and shows a lot of your fore head and ears. But take a look at the ponytail! It is high on the head and a not gives the falling hair space to the back…fantastic!!! so you can wear a ponytail that not always sticks in your shoulder or back! Thank you dianny!!!!

Last but not least for the review I have silvia for you.

Silvia looks close to Afrodita…but only for the head part it self. After the great braid part that lays tight round the head the hair go down to the shoulders in a wild but straight way. The neds tickle your shoulders but not sticking in them. Overall a nice half long style that i can see with a great casual jeans based outfit mybe with a touch of the 70s style 😉

As i steped in the 3636 Mainstore last time I was nearly not to belive what i saw there. A great chistmas tree with lots of sweet presents under it…the child in me did wake up and i made my way to. And you will not belive…dianny put one great hair in all 8 colors under the tree!!!
The Ceda Style:

A perfet style for christmas! Short classy hair decorated with a sweet style in christmas colors…what better can you wear singing christmas songs at the tree?…hurry down to the 3636 Mainstore! Right under the big tree you can find a lot of great chistmas presents..in one you will find the whole 9 colors of Ceda( auburn, black, blond, brown, caramel, gold blond, grey platinum and red)

And for the goodie at the end I would like to show you the latest release of 3636 Hair!

This hairstyle is a nother of my personal favourites. It comes in 8 colors (black, blond, brown, caramel, golden blond, platinum and red).

5 great buns are decorating the skull and the short hair lays perfect on your head. The ears are not covered so you can wear all your fantastic earrings ;-). But now comes the clue…The sweet little roses have a color changer HUD that comes with the hair!! So anyways what color your outfit has…you can totally match to evry kind of color you can think. You can do the color by your own over a fantastic color palette…I nearly wanna take it of and you look best styles and fashion like…

I hope you enjoyed the part 2 of my 3636 Hair Spotlight and i can tease you with a nother great blog in a few hours where i will show the brand new release of this night from 3636 Hair *winks*

Hair: 3636 Hair
Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

~ by Wicca Merlin on November 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Eyes on 3636 Hair – Part 2 ;-) Reviews, goodies and a New Release!!!”

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  2. The second hairstyle was the cutest, like them all, but that was the best.

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