Spot ON! – November Releases from Baiastice

For today I have a very special post for you. The November Releases of Baiastice from the 17th and 24th of November 2009! For me it is a great pleasure and honor to show you all that great creations, especially because Baiastice is on of my favourite labels also 🙂

First i woul like to start with the “Revolver Short Jacket”

This Jacket is a totally must have for every fashion girl. A short jacked with amazing shoulder attachments. All over you can see the sweet fringes that give a very stylish touch. and we can see the great details like the 2 buckles on the shoulderpart in the right side. For the hands the whole theme was repeated i 2 great arm and hand parts. On the big picture we can see the “Revolver Short Jacket! in black. But as you can see in the second piture…for every liking there is one color 🙂 For me it is a nother masterpiece of  Baiastice!  

To coninue with jackets…we have next the “Breitschwanz Jacket”

This jacket comes with 2 options. One has a wider part, the other one a tight body part. Both have the same theme of styling as you can see if you take a closer look at the great texture Sissy Pessoa made and the amazing collar part. The winter is coming and you will need a warm jacket…;-) take a look at the Baiastice Mainstore and you will see that this jacket is also available in more then one color. You will find the great winter colors brown, black and grey. This colors make it possible to combine this great jacket with any other clothing or color you like.

We have jackets to wear now but i am sure we need also some to wear under them 😉 Baiastice made some that fits perfect! Let me start with the “GeG-Mini Dress”:

As I opened the folder and put on this awsome dress – and the first i tried was the pink one – I got a totally 80’s back flash! I could not resist as i saw the other color to style it a little bit like that 😉 This dress totally catched me. All the great details like an open zipper or the open button at the chest part…also the very well made folds…I totally got addicted..thats why I don’t wanna withhold you all the other great colors!

Even if it is hard to get my eyes off this dress i would like to show you another piece of clothing that fits to the jackets…also to the great dress 😉 The “Pyton slim pants”

Did you ever seen such great pants with a python texture?!? The lightning and shadowns of this pants let them shine perfectly!!! You can wear the pants as pants only or even as a leggins under a dress or a hotpants…anyways how this Python Pants from Basiastice will give the best view on a fashionistas well shaped legs. If you find your way to the Mainshop you will not only find the black and blue version I have on my first pic…you will find way more colors to make your legs to the eyecatcher of the evening!

Now we seen a lot of casual stuff and i would like to show you some elegant of the last releases. First the “Audrey in frills”

This outfit comes in 2 different opitions: On the left sinde you can see a version with a fur like seam. All attachments on arms and legs are made with this texture. On the left side you also habe the simple shirt version without the lace part over chest and shoulders but a nice little scarf collar sets the accent on the decollete! For the second version I would like to take the first look on the back. Ther you have a nice skirt with a bow as the option with out the fur parts. This is featuren in the middle of my picture. If you take a look at the right side yu can see the “simple” version front of the dress. The shoulder parts are simple without any fringes like the skirt bow. For this option, I added the lace shirt to give the overall look a cocktail style touch. Also this dress you will find in more colors if you take some time for a shopping tour  at the Baiastice Mainstore!

Last but not least 😉 i would like to show you the “Tiffany” dress:

For this dress you can choose between a long and a short version. This dress bribes with its vigoroud colors! Witha also a  great texture with big ornaments this dress makes you  to the center of every situation. The long version looks more playfully and the short version looks more like the casual fashion styled buisness girl. A great black belt with a golden buckle breaks the texture and makes a nice styish accssoire! If you are not a frend of the red tones…no problem…Sissy Pessoa made another 2 amazing colors and iam sure one will fit your likings.


Clothing: Baiastice

Skins: Staged

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

~ by Wicca Merlin on December 1, 2009.

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