New Release at Ginevra Lancaster Fashion Designs

I have the great honor to show you another brand I never had before on my blog: Ginevra Lancaster Fashion Designs

I have to say this great dress was taking my breath away…but first take a look for your self…”Dahlia” by Ginevra Lancaster

I was totally impressed by the colors for first…great virgorous colors catched my eyes. The skirt in a shining teal skirt is the dominat color of this dress and the design of this skirt is the totally eye catcher! But you will find , if you take a closer look at this amazing dress, that it has many high detailed great parts!

Let me start with the collar…a sweet slim collar – not a simple plain teal one..even that little jewelry attachment has it’s own texture! The diamond in the front is framed like the colls is textured and makes a shiny note to accent your decolette. If we look down further the eyes will stick on tha amazing top…pls take the time and take a very close look..this is made with sooo much little ornaments and colors …for me you totally can see that the designer loved her work!!! Every little part looks like made with love and time and you can imagine lots of hours of work! Then the back of the top..not only repeatet the texture of the front..NO… she made a totally new one!!! It only covers the middle of the back what gives a very sexy and elegant look! The gradation from top to skirt even not easy made…the top goes a bit wider when it meets the seam of the skirt and covers the “break” of top and skirt. Then we come again to the skirt…for me thats a totally masterpiece! The front is made with more then on prim. It caresses your legs while walking dreamy casue the flexis are great work…and again we have a different back! you have 2 attachments that are the totally center of that skirt and I never saw such before…totally awsome! And now to the most important thing for a fashionista or a lady even a stylish minded girl…shoes…normally if you have bright shining colors you only have the chance to wear black or white pumps casue you never will find the right color that matches properly to the rest..but not with Ginevra Lancaster Fashion Designs…Ginevra added pumps in the right color!

For me over all a masterpiece of fashion…and if you make your way to Ginevra Lancaster Fashion Designs you can see way more of her great designs!


Outfit: Ginevra Lancaster Fashion Designs – Daliah

Hair: V-Fashion

Earrings, bracelet and ring: Gems & kisses – Pure Beauty/white

~ by Wicca Merlin on December 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “New Release at Ginevra Lancaster Fashion Designs”

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  2. TY for your words! I am SO HAPPY you liked the gown … my best reward for the time i dedicate to my designs (yes lot of time, you are right 🙂 is that ppl who wear them are satisfied with the results 🙂

  3. aww ty so much it really was a pleasure Ginevra! I love the gown! *hugs*

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