Donna Flora – Always dressed best!

For this time I would like to show you the Ariel dress of Donna Flora

For me it is a very sweet casual dress with a little vintage touch. According to the season we havea long armed top with laced arm parts. Amazing ruffles give the top a payfully touch. Also for the cold days we have a long skirt that covers nearly all of your legs so you don’t will freeze 😉 The colors are over all settles in some kind of brown with a little touch of purple..very light but you will notice that if you try to combine it with like I did with light purple fingernails or the ribbons on my shoes…

If you take a closer look you will notice that the top has great details in the texture and the attachments are very well designed to make them look realistic!

Lets start with the ruffels. I made them as a close up casue I think they are made with love to the detail. The laced texture is not a plain black lace no it has great lights and a very own texture that shows that it was made with an eye for the details. Up next I would like to take a look at the upper back of the top. Not only a straight closed back…it has a nice deep neckline that shows off a very sexy back 😉 The seams have an amazing texture that leads over to the  top. If we go round to the front you see also a plunging neckline that leads down to a great flower like start of the top. In the front you have also the same great seams as in the back. And as i was in the store i found a necklace from there too that matches perfect to that dress! I chose the Necklace of the Donna Flora “Moon” set to wear with that dress. For me this is a nice piece of fashion for the winter season. If you have the time make your way to Donna Flora…she has much more nice outfits for the holy days wher we all have much appointments with friends and family and with Donna flora you are definatly dressed right always!


Dress: Donna Flora – Ariel/silver

Jewelry: Donna Flora – Moon Set

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

~ by Wicca Merlin on December 7, 2009.

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