New Winter Collection of 3636 Hair!

Again I have the great honor to show you a few of the latest releases of 3636 Hair.

First I would like to start with “Angela”:

This style is not only a simple hair style the purchase also includes the scarf and the purse. The hair it self and the hat are one piece, so you will not have any trouble with other attachments like eyelashes, facelights, or jewelry. As usual dianny36 did this long hair style in many amazing colors.

In complete this long hairstyle without any face parts is available in 8 great colors. The fur parts are not colorchangeable but for that 3636 Hair provides a few other styles like for example “Dina”:

This one is a shorter hairstyle with a littlle hair part on the fore head. The hair also comes with scarf and purse but this time in a red tone, but for every hair color also!

Last but not least we have a third hairstyle with black fur parts every outfit can be matched with and you will always be dressed for the cold season.

Here we have “Love”. A half long hair cut with playfully curls who frame the face like little waves. The forehead is blank but the waves go round the whole head. The hat, scarf and purse are kind dark brown with black to fit even the darker outfits you wanna wear. With this haistyle you also have not to forego to all the great hair colors 😉

After all I think there is some for anyone to match every outfit you like for the season 🙂

So go down and make your way to 3636 Hair to get your style!


Hair, Hat, Scarf and Purse: 3636 Hair

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

~ by Wicca Merlin on December 26, 2009.

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