Inga Wind Double Feature!!! New Release and new winter hunt item!!!

Another great color of “Claire” found it’s way into the Mainstore of Inga Wind Clothing.

As we all know Inga Winds provides not only one simple outfit if you purchase on of her designs, She always has more then one option per outfit as we can see again here. A wonderful wintercoat in snow white with one long and one short opition. And if you play around a bit you see that you even can combine both if you wear the short skirt option with the glitchpants of the longer one. Inga Winds Clothing means for me always great textures, amazing design and wonderful little details. Here we have a stunning hat, an amazing little scarf, 2 beautiful shoulderparts and a ver lovely belt. Each detail it self i made with great details again, The hat has an awsome hat band, the shoudler ruffles are repeat the had band texture, so does the scarf. This is whitness for a overall great eye for the complete outfit for me.

Head up Hunters!!!

The item of the winter hunt will change tomorow!!!

According to the great new release of “Claire” in white all hunters have the chance to get another color version of “Claire” – sand is the object of the hunters desire!!! This version is a great arrangement of lovely brown tones what makes the difference to the new released black and white version!

Seek  8 FILLED snowflakes in the store:
  1  *IW* Claire in Sand Short Coat
       *IW* Claire in Sand Short Bottom of Coat
       *IW* Claire in Sand Short Belt
  2   *IW* Claire in Sand Long Coat
       *IW* Claire in Sand Long Glitch pants
       *IW* Claire in Sand Long Bottom
       *IW* Claire in Sand Long Belt
  3  *IW* Claire in Sand Cuff  L
  4  *IW* Claire in Sand Cuff  R
  5   *IW* Claire in Sand Hat
  6   *IW* Claire in Sand Scarf
  7   *IW* Claire in Sand Shoulder Pad Left
  8   *IW* Claire in Sand Shoulder Pad Right

Only 8 of all snowflakes lying in the store have hunt pieces in their content, you need to find these 8 correct ones.

I would not give away the great chance to hunt “Claire” in sand..and maybe find a nother great outfit in the Inga Wind Clothing Mainstore!


Outfit: *IW* Inga Wind Clothing – “Claire” /white & sand

(boots and hair are not included)

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

~ by Wicca Merlin on January 6, 2010.

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