“Isabella” – The chamelion for the whole evening and night ;-)

Again we make our way to the Calamity Mainstore and look at a nother amazing gonw today 🙂 For today I have the great pleasure to show you “Isabella”

This great ensemble comes I different versions and you are able to change fitting every moment of an evening *winks* first we see the ballroom version. A big , great classy skirt with a long back and a short upen fron that gives an amazing view on everys lady’s well shaped long legs. The wonderful top with laced seams coveres the upper body an dthe shoulders. The arms are only half covered and the seam ends on both sides in sweet arm attachmenst that are great flexi made. You can get the imagination of how lovely it caresses your arms with each movement. The hat also comes in 2 options. On the upper pic you see it with a nice little vail that underlines the classy, formal look.

For the next picture I chose the second possibility to wear this dress and a sweet surprise, if you come home with your love after a long party night 😉

For the cocktail version we simply change the skirt and get of the laced jacket so that we only have the sexy corsage and a long train skirt in the back. The hat  – here without the vail – and the short cloves make this version to the perfect cocktail dress with a loght touch of Bodoire 😉

After a long evening and a very busy event you will come home and maybe wanna spend sometime only with your love in private? Just get of the tain skirt – I would keep the hat on like Joe Cocker tells us: “Leave your hat on!” – and you can surprise your love with an anzing sexy lingerie set. The tight corsage accents the slim waist, and nice garterstraps hold the nylons in place….for now…;-)…here will we will leave you alone and keep your privacy *winks*

Don’t forget to make your way to Calamity…if you wanna continue that great imaginations 😉


Outfit: Calamity – “Isabella”

Shoes: BAX – Black Ankle Boots

Hair: Magika – Jaime

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

~ by Wicca Merlin on January 10, 2010.

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