My “black phase” with 3636 Hair!

At the moment I have my latest fad with black hair and because dianny3636 Aeon from 3636 Hair has so fantastic new ones I would like to show you a few of her latest creations.

Lets start with “Shashenka”. A great diffrent clear, straight hairstyle with sweet “ethnic” accessoires that give the whole style an indian touch. The hair is decorated witha brown rope and amazing colored feathers. The ears are free and allowe great fitting feather earrings for example. The forehead also is not covered by but one of the ropes runs over it nicely.

To stay a bit in the “indian” feeling I would like to show you next the “Shilulia” hair:

This hair also is ornamneted with feathers but way more then the first one. Big peacock feathersin on the back head are an amazing detailed accessoire! This style is not as high as the first but also have the nice rope on the forhead – in grey this time 😉 A little gem decorates the side of the forehead and holds one of the fantastic feathers.

Now we move to the extrem and haute couture styles 😉 , I have to admit I fell immediately in love with all of them!!!

May I introduce – “Yela”! A fantastic kind of futuristic and haute couture hair! The back of the hair is made of 3 big half round pieces on a black hair-textured base. In the front you have 2 fantastic horns made of hair also. A totally must have for all gothic fans and all the high fashion and haute couture lovers!

Up next we have “Paine”3 vertical horns from front to back are based of a great black hair textured base and a round ornament from the left to the right…Lady GaGa must be jealous if she looks at this hairstyle…it would so fit her strange and crazy outfits!!!!

Last but not least we have “Tara”This one for me was perfect to match with asian outfits. 2 big black hair circles make the middle of this hairstyle and 2 sweet little bund in the front give the little imagination of 2 sweet little hrons of a bad girl*giggles*

All hais styles are perfect for any kind of acessoires or jelwery!

For me this is really haute couture and I am so happy about this extravagant non usual styles! Thank you dianny!!!


Hair: 3636 Hair

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

~ by Wicca Merlin on January 28, 2010.

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