Lexi Vargas for “Claim the Fame”: Week 8 – Fantasy Avantgarde


For the 8th week of Claim the Fame the designers had to create a fantasy avantgarde attire for male and female and make a description that was read during the TV show on Metaverse TV. (http://metaversetv.com/blog/2011/05/claim-the-fame-8/)

All designs are available at the KULT District (for SLurl please click here)

Lexi Vargas: “The male outfit is called Roundabout and the female one is called Fashion Go Round.”

“Fashion is ever changing, styles come, go, blend and morph.  With the use of bright  boho fabrics, victorian silhouettes  and avant-gaurde detailing, these carousel  themed designs give a playful homage to the ever changing world of fashion.”

Models: Greywolf Fairey & Oralee Fairey

Photographer: Oralee Fairey

~ by Oralee on June 6, 2011.

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