PurpleMoon: Dress Me Purple Hunt – What I found!

As I promised, today I have some of the wonderful hunt items of the “Dress Me Purple” hunt from PurpleMoon. On the first picture above I combined #1 (“Metallic Violet Nails”), #3 (“Cubics II in Lavender”), #4 (“Monogram Bag I Purple” – yes the one I used to snatch the dress from Herra :p),  #5 (“Mara Boots in Aubergine”), #7 (“Shelan in Purple Pants”) and #8 (“Marga Tunic in Dark Purple). The hair (“Sun”), as well is from PurpleMoon but not in the hunt 🙂

For the second look I chose #2 (“Tribe Necklace Brown/Purple/Magenta”), #5 (“Mara Boots in Aubergine”),  #9 (“Arisu Pants in Purple” without the sleeves) and #10 (“Julia Balloon Dress in Purple”) The hair (“Cat”), again comes from PurpleMoon and is as well in the store but not part of the hunt 🙂

Hurry up… the hunt only lasts for 2 more days and I am sure you do not wanna miss such great items :p

~ by Wicca Merlin on April 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “PurpleMoon: Dress Me Purple Hunt – What I found!”

  1. Yeah Wicca,isnt Poulet amazing?

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