New at Vero Modero – The Black Serie

(Vero Modero – “Merlin”, Photographer: Dantelicia Ethaniel, Model & Styling: Wicca Merlin)

Lately I had a wonderful talk with Bouquet Babii, owner and designer of Vero Modero. We know each other for a longer time and she told me about her new Black Serie she was about to release. She asked me if I would pose for one of her vendor adverts and I told her that it would be a great pleasure for me. As she told me further that there was one dress that she thought of for me to pose as it was the “Merlin Myst” dress, I even felt more honored πŸ™‚ She told me to contact Dantelicia Ethaniel, the photographer who was supposed to shoot me in the “Merlin Myst” dress. I never heard about her before and for sure I was curious and peaked at her flickr ( What I saw… just took my breath away and I nearly could not wait for our shooting appointment. The result you can see above and I would like to thank Dantelicia and Bouquet for that great honor πŸ™‚

(Clothing: Vero Modero, Models: Tempest Rosca, Absinthe, Wicca Merlin, Photographer: Seachell Dench for AVENUE Magazine)

Not long after that, AVENUE had a casting for their magazine. Seachell Dench searched for female models who should do haute goth based styles, but she did not say wich designer it would be yet.

(Vero Modero – “Hax Dante”, Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin)

A few days after I submitted my application for that print job, Sea was in my IMs telling me she chose me together with 2 more models.

(Vero Modero – “Hax Dante”, Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin)

I was super happy and the happiness was growing even bigger as she told me it will be for Vero Modero for the new Black Line. Again I was allowed to wear the “Merlin Myst” dress and one more called “Hax Dante” dress.(Clothing: Vero Modero, Models: Tempest Rosca, Wicca Merlin, Photographer: Seachell Dench for AVENUE Magazine)

I wanted to show that you can style it so many different ways that I thought of a new styling for the “Merlin Myst” dress, to not repeat the one I already was wearing on the official vendor picture πŸ˜‰

(Vero Modero – “Merlin Myst”, Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin)

This time I took some of the accessories of blackliquid to complete my styling. I wanted a special haute look this time, so I decided to use of the “Lace Hoods” and the “Orbital” bracelets and nails. The wonderful hat comes from LaGyo and I thought it goes wonderful with the black leaves that decorate the right shoulder of the “Merlin Myst” dress. For the shoulder part you can choose between rose petals and leaves. To see all of the amazing new creations of the new Black Serie by Vero Modero you can look at the latest AVENUE Magazine ( or you make your way to the Vero Modero Mainstore and take a look and see all the incredible creations of Bouquet Babii with the pictures of Dantelicia Ethaniel πŸ™‚

(Vero Modero – “Merlin Myst”, Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin)

~ by Wicca Merlin on August 25, 2012.

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  1. Wicca my sister and hero, do you ever stop amazing me? You not only rocked your dress but my Hax one too…DANG girl! You are amazing..-goes back to modeling school now- love you!

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