Wicca’s Wardobe: Inventory Accident

Sometimes stylings just happen… 😉 If you fool around with your inventory and click wrong  and all of a sudden you wear different outfits over each other… I am sure, all of you did that at least once on accident :p

To me it happened a few days ago again and the look of today was the result… sure after a bit of fine tuning :).

The top with this amazing huge collar and the mirror of it round the waist come from Vero Modero. It was part of the Masai Mara contribution called “African Queen”. The pants are one of the latest releases of Rfyre. Raven Pennyfeather, genius owner and designer of Rfyre,  created a line of 3 different mesh leather pants. The pants fit amazing and they as well come in 5 different sizes to make sure it fit on different sized avatars. The boots are a pair of my long time favourites from J’s. The “Long Boots Round” have a special pants version that only have the part of the foot and so it looks like the pants would perfectly go over the boots :). The jewelry I mixed from items of Finesmith and League. The earrings and the necklace I wear under the Vero Modero collar are from the “Back to Nature” collection of Finesmith and the bangles and with the cute little discs are from League. The nails are from PurpleMoon and the hair comes from -dDx-.

Like I said, sometimes an accident can make a cool look 😉


Top: Vero Modero – “African Queen”

Pants: Rfyre – “Esperer Mesh Leathers” /Tapestry (mesh)

Boots: J’s – “Long Boots Round”

Earrings: Finesmith – “Back to nature”

Necklace: Finesmith – “Safari Necklace”

Bangles: League – “Wanderer”

Mails: PurpleMoon – “Metallic Bark Brown Nails”

Hair: -dDx- – “Atlas” (mesh)

Skin: Silken Moon – “Wicca”

Poses: Corpus

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

~ by Wicca Merlin on October 19, 2012.

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